Previous Ventures

So, just before I decided to do something on my own, I had spent sometime working for 3-4 startups as an employee, consultant and handling clients for other companies.

These companies reposed faith in me as a developer, a manager and operations guy.

I’m a trained programmer, and I still work as a software developer in my day job but I’m more of a solutions architect guy.

Even back then I enjoyed the role of managing projects on my own, the technical side of things apart from actual coding and some designing in bits and pieces.

Like I said, in my first job itself I found myself working on projects right from scratch to launch. I wanted to be involved in whatever way possible throughout the SDLC. (Software Development Lifecycle)

As a trainee software developer, not even getting $1/hour, I was so enthusiastic about the sheer joy of learning and the whole process of delivering a solution was fascinating to me. If I come to think of it, I still am fascinated about it.

I thought that’s what kept me going back then as many of friends felt de-motivated, lethargic and didn’t just want to do things on time. They had fallen into the trap I call, “What am I gonna get out of it trap”.

My colleagues never actually understood the reason for my curiosity in getting involved in other aspects of the projects until I had my own startup going which took around 4 years. In these 4 years I had trained in a medium sized IT company providing outsourcing to US customers. I had worked for another IT company which was struggling to get going on their own and I had to mobilise some of its crucial projects to get them into profits. I had the experience of managing the whole startup myself in another one before I decided that the time was right to put my own name ahead in the world.

The learnings were simple and nothing extra ordinary, but I was willing to go that extra mile to ensure that I provide whatever I can to the project/ startup and thus getting back an abundance of learning and a few $’s to keep me going.

It was a happy time as my expenses were low and I was totally focused.

Focussed towards getting the max learnings. Did I get any of it? Well, read on to find out. 🙂

Humble Beginnings

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s India was both fun and challenging. I belong to a middle class family and like all families back then, there was a constant need to keep everything balanced.

We got everything but only when there was an absolute need for it. No one really knew what abundance meant. Not even in food or drink.

Chandigarh is a service based city and we never had any industries, businesses or entrepreneurs to seek inspiration from.

My Dad acted as a real source of inspiration for me since childhood as I saw him work hard each day without taking a break or look troubled at anytime. Even in the darker times, he held his nerve and seemed super cool. I admire and respect him for that.

I think the seed of entrepreneurship was sown by him as in my growing up years as I saw my Dad work so hard for his clients. He’s a lawyer and I never saw him skip his duties. So the diligence and dedication was kind of in my blood.

I knew that one day I will be having something of my own. A startup.

Thats how dAppStudio was born. 🙂